Province of the West

More than 19,000 Daughters of Charity serve in healthcare, education, social services and pastoral ministries throughout 91 countries worldwide. In the Province of the West, our roots run deep. As with the founding ministries of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, our first services in the western states sprang to life as a call to action. With Providence as our guide, we housed, fed and educated orphaned children. We opened elementary and high schools, particularly for students of families with economic need. We built and staffed medical facilities to heal the sick and comfort the dying. We clothed, fed and housed those who are poor. Many of the original ministries continue to thrive today. Our departed Sisters, whose faith and courage we embrace, went wherever they were called to serve. Today, we continue that tradition by listening with our hearts and responding to the cries of our brothers and sisters who are poor. In these cries, we hear the voice of God.